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Tier Perks.

Style Insider Perks

Style Spotter

Style Spotter

Style Spotter text

A tier badge in your profile

Special tips and tricks on how to use Polyvore from the Polyvore community

Insider Newsletter with Polyvore Insider information

You may enter our exclusive Style Insider contest

Style Setter

Style Setter

Style Setter text

You may be considered for one of our three daily Member Spotlights

Members may be eligible to attend special partner events in their area as they arise.

1-2 members may be eligible to attend New York Fashion Week in Sept and Feb

Style Icon

Style Icon

Style Icon text

Early preview / access product releases

A special badge on your set pages, showing your status as a Style Icon

1-2 members may be eligible to attend New York Fashion Week in Sept and Feb




How do I join the Style Insider Program?
If you've created at least 2 sets, you're already in! Check out your profile to see your current level.

How many sets do I need to create to receive my badge and be eligible for perks?
If you create 2-24 sets, you're a Style Spotter. Create 25-124 sets and you're a Style Setter. Once you create 125+ sets, you're a Style Icon. We reevaluate your status every 6 months (at the beginning of January and July.)

What if I create enough sets to reach the next level before the end of six months?
You'll level up as soon as you create enough sets.

How quickly will I see my new badge?
As soon as you create enough sets, you should see your shiny new badge on your profile page.

Can I lose my badge?
It is possible to lose your badge. Every January and July, we'll check the number of sets you've created over the last six month period. If you haven't created enough sets to keep you at your current level, you will step down levels depending on the number of sets you have created.

Can I just create a bunch of sets?
Let's keep Polyvore a positive and creative space. Please make sure you continue to follow the community guidelines. Anyone who violates our community guidelines risks having their account shut down, and we'd hate for that to happen.

Will my sets be deleted?
No, you will still have all of your awesome creations.

Got questions about the Style Insider Program?
Please check out more FAQs here or contact with any questions you have about the program.
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